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About Old Greenwich CT

The original town of Greenwich was settled here in the 1640's, purchased from the Sinoway Indians for twenty five English coats. Known for many years as "Old Town" as the rest of the Greenwich spread west, it was later dubbed "Sound Beach". From 1930 it has been known as Old Greenwich and changed from a farming and fishing community to a summer resort town. In fact many of the homes found along the waterfront began as summer cottages and were later turned into permanent residences. Its main street is known as Sound Beach Avenue and has the feel of walking through a quiet New England village. Binney Park is another example of the generosity of it's forbearers, as in the early 1930's crayon king Edwin Binney purchased 22 acres of marshy land along Sound Beach Avenue. He then oversaw the design and construction this beautiful park that features meandering walkways and footbridges and today is the pride of Old Greenwich, always busy with joggers, dog walkers and the backdrop for wedding photos. At the tail end of Greenwich lays another spectacular gemstone known at Greenwich Point. Once the estate of wealthy banker J. Kennedy Tod, and know as Tod's Point, it was later bequeathed to New York Presbyterian Hospital. In 1944 the town of Greenwich purchased the 148 acre property and changed its name to Greenwich Point. The property enjoys year round use from swimming and picnicking to jogging and boating, plus offers a local yacht club open to all residents and a sailing school. Greenwich Point is by far, one of the more popular destinations for all residents.