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5 Tips for Keeping Your Pipes from Bursting this Winter

Man Defrosting Frozen PipesWinterization is crucial! Ideally you should winterize your pipes in the fall, but if all of a sudden you find yourself in the middle of a deep freeze, the following tips can help prevent a devastating burst. 

Turn on Your Faucets

Turning on your faucets can keep water circulating through your pipes, thus making it more difficult for them to freeze. Make sure you drip both the indoor and outdoor faucets. 5 drops per minute should be enough to help keep them from freezing. 

Keep Cabinet Doors Open

Opening cabinets that cover plumbing in your bathrooms and kitchen can help warm air better reach your exposed pipes. 

Insulate your Pipes with Towels 

If your pipes are already on their way to freezing, wrapping them in warm towels can help to keep them from freezing more. Covering them with hot soaked towels, or pouring boiling water on the already wrapped pipes should help to loosen the ice inside the pipes and help to get things back to normal. 

Use a Hairdryer

If your pipes have already frozen, you’ll want to thaw them as fast as possible. A hairdryer or heat gun pointed at the pipes can help to unfreeze them. DO NOT use any direct flames, you’re aiming to melt the ice, not the pipes. 

Shut off the Water

Shut off your water from the source immediately when you discover your pipes are frozen. This is to prevent additional water from filling the system. This will also help as the ice melts, keeping your pipes from flooding with water and thus your home. 

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